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☀️2023 Early Summer Sale⛱- Flycatcher Pro⚡Buy More Save More❣️

☀️2023 Early Summer Sale⛱- Flycatcher Pro⚡Buy More Save More❣️

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No more flying and summers full of flying!

The most efficient way to catch all those annoying flies around your house!

You are barbecuing with friends or sitting in the garden, but flies are flying around you all the time, preventing you from enjoying yourself. With this flycatcher you ensure that you can eat and enjoy without annoying flies around you. The perfect solution for a fly-free summer. The Flycatcher Pro is also ideal if you have a farm or pets!

Catch up to 40,000 flies before you have to empty the Flycatcher Pro!

Catching flies and bees not only protects the livestock on the farm, but also provides a rich source of protein for the poultry, making it stronger.

The fly trap can be used in any garden, but is also ideal for use in a barn with farm animals to prevent nuisance. With this fly trap you can not only catch the annoying flies, but also bees and wasps. Hang the trap on a hook and within seconds you will have caught the first flies.
"After I hung the traps we noticed that there were almost NO flies left!" - By Rosemary
"The easiest way to get rid of flies...Hang up, bait it and forget about those flies." - By Marc
 Why our customers love this product so much

Easy to use - just hang the trap from a hook on the wall or ceiling. You fill the container with attractive food for the insects and place it on the bottom of the net. All flies fall into the trap!

Versatile - the fly trap not only catches the annoying flies, but also mosquitoes, bees and other annoying insects.

For any room - you can hang the flytrap around your house so you can sit in your garden without those pesky insects around. The fly trap is also ideal for use on a farm or in a fruit box to keep horses, cows and the delicious fruit free from insects.

Reusable - you can use the fly trap again and again. You just have to empty the box and then you can hang it again wherever you want, so you can enjoy an insect-free garden every day.

Material : Mesh
Dimensions : 23x30 CM

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☀️2023 Early Summer Sale⛱- Flycatcher Pro⚡Buy More Save More❣️