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🎁Anti Vaping Necklace Breathlace

🎁Anti Vaping Necklace Breathlace

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Transform Your Life

Breathing Exercise Device for Anxiety Relief

Relieve stress and anxiety NATURALLY. Replace the physical habit of smoking with the Breathlace to control your impulses using the power of your breath, wherever you are.  

Unlock the extraordinary benefits of controlled exhalation with the Breathlace, an exceptional tool designed to help you achieve a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle by being your companion every step of the way.

Why Is The Breathlace So Effective?

In those moments when the instinctive urge to reach for a cigarette or vape arises, let the Breathlace be your guiding light towards a healthier path. Simply grab your Breathlace and inhale slowly, then exhale. You will notice that with each breath, your stress levels will drop, giving you a new sense of calm & improving your focus.

Become The 2.0 Version Of YOU... 

Eliminate Anxiety

Experience anxiety relief as you naturally reduce stress and cultivate a sense of calm by slowing your exhale with our tool.


Sleep & Wake Better

Better regulated hormones aids in deeper & more restful sleep, allowing you to feel refreshed upon waking.


Increase Focus

You will notice a natural focus boost, allowing you to Feel less triggered by day-to-day life and focus on the things that matter.



• Quit Vaping or Smoking – Our necklace makes the perfect alternative to smoking or vaping, and is a completely natural way for you to quit for good!

• Improve Health – A mindful companion with you at all times. Our necklace is not only stylish, but also a practical tool you can use to improve your health no matter where you are.

• Save Money – This one-time investment ends regularly spending money on new vapes or cigarettes. Investing in your health AND saving money at the same time.

"I always struggled to quit vaping & have been ashamed of my nicotine addiction. A friend gifted me this necklace to replace my bad habit. Now I have a constant reminder with me to come back to the present moment and to breathe through any uncomfortable or stressful moments, without damaging my health."★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Material: stainless steel    Length: 50+5cm


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🎁Anti Vaping Necklace Breathlace